comma Coding


Introduction:, comma two (CTwo), *openpilot (OPGit, OP1, OP2, OP3, OP4)

Machine Learning: AIabc, CNN, RNN

NN: Keras, Krs1, Krs2, Krs3, Krs4, 10CNNs, ResNet, OPNet, RetinaNet, Yolact, Demo, Zoox   


HW1: Run and read (A) (OPNet, Leon, LeonB, Shen) (B) (Yolact, Tsang1)
HW2: Run and read (py2pb),, (Tsang2)
HW3: Install Ubuntu 16.04 (must be 16.04, Guide1, Guide2, Guide3)
HW4: Install and run openpilot (UI). Read,
HW5: Read

HW6: Read and

Project 1: Steering and Lane Detection: HW1A, HW5, HW6  
Project 2: Instance Segmentation: HW1B, HW2, SNPE (pb2dlc)
Project 3: Deployment: HW1A, Shen, SNPE (pb2dlc), CTwo, WB1  
Project 4: Control: Project 3, OP2, Tune, Panda (PD1), CAN



l  research: 2016 OP Code and Data

l  comma2k19: 2018 OP Data

n  raw_readers.ipynb

n  Data Type: Pose (Time, Position, Speed: ECEFEuler and Tait-Bryan AnglesLocal Tangent PlaneQuaternion), Steering, Path, Logs, Frame Reader.

n  Data Source: CameraRadarGPSIMUGNSSCAN

l   Laika: Python GNSS processing library 

n  GNSS ProcessingTrilaterationLeast Squares, Kalman Filter,

l  comma10k: Data for SegNets

2.        comma two: comma Q&A, medium

l  (A) com1, com2, com3 (B) com4 (port1X, port1K): WB1 (run), WB2 (download), WB3 (install, WB4), SSH (key), port2, (C) fork1B, fork2B, fork3G (D) add1

l  Toyota Car: TSS18, TSS16, Sensors

3.        openpilot: Open Source Driving Agent, OP5, OP6, OP Q&A, FAQ

l  openpilot/tools: OP Tools

l  opendbc: Car Decoder

l  panda: Car Interface

n  Introduction to embedded systems

n  STM32CubeIDE (15 m); STM32 Slides-Part1, Part 2; STM32 Book1 (25 p); STM32 Book2 (125 p); STM32 Book3 (416 p)

u  CMSIS Step 1 (8 m); STM32 Arduino IDE (4 m); STM32 MDK-ARM IDE (8 m)

n  CNN on STM32 (6 m), Github, Guide; STM32a; STM32b (CMSIS-NN); STM32c (Deploying); Paper

4.        OP: Makefile, package, wheel, docker, __init__,

5.        Python: Code1, Tutor, argparse, collections, datetime, gc, h5py, json, multiprocessing, numpy, os, pygame, scikit-image, signal, sys, threading, time, uuid, zmq,