062.gif (55483 bytes)Introduction

        The Department, established in the 2007 academic year, intends to cultivate the correlative talents on English Education Industry. Its graduate school, established in 2015, provides advanced studies with similar intentions. Here below are future visions of the Department:

  • Depends on the resource distribution, the Department exists to develop the versatile curriculum to help students meet the potential career demands on EFL institutions.  In addition to the pre-service teacher’s training, the faculty also furnishes the correlative courses, such as curriculum design on digital learning and management administration on EFL business, to empower our graduates with knowledgeable competition on the market.
  • One of the capital obligations of the Department development is to cultivate the respective talents on EFF business.  Based on the original foundation, the Department ensures itself to recruit outstanding faculty, advanced equipments, and current research to become one top institution of higher education on EFL business.
  •          The Department is designed to hold an active exchange program with foreign universities.  Students of the Department enrolled themselves as cultural ambassadors to experience language and culture through the programs.



062.gif (55483 bytes)Course


        The core courses of the Department are 20 credit hours aiming to strengthen the basic ability on English listening, speaking, reading, and writing of the students.  The 14 credits involved in the first two years are designed to furnish students with better comprehension on English.  The 6 credits comprised in the latter two years exist to nourish students with extended ability on further research and applied skills in their future career.  The courses including academic writing, English speech and report, and English assessment required in recent market demands, are there to help students manage their further studies and promising career.



062.gif (55483 bytes)Concentration Courses


        There are 20 required credits for students to take in the concentration area. The courses are to help students to gain knowledge in TESOL methodologies and to apply the theory into practice. There are 6 credits of introductory courses in TESL methodology and 14 credits of applied courses focusing on English teaching, running English programs, and computer-assisted language learning. These courses are designed to help students to step forward to conduct their TESOL projects before their graduation and to help them be more specialized in their interested fields.



062.gif (55483 bytes)Elective Courses

        In the program, students need to take at least 38 elective courses in this department. Courses are to prepare students for their future career. They cover two major fields: English teaching and English program management. Students can choose courses from the two major fields based on their interests to widen their vision. These courses are to help students to gain more knowledge in English education and to give them insights in the related field. Students can choose based on their interests and needs so that they can be well-quipped with relevant knowledge and skills to enter the workforce or to continue their further study. These elective courses cover the following topics: English literature, children drams, creative English writing, second foreign languages, translation related courses, TESOL seminars, and workshops on English program management.



062.gif (55483 bytes)Faculty

There are 9 faculty members in this department, including 9 associate professors. All of them have PhD degrees in the fields of TESOL, English education, and English literature. All of them are enthusiastic in English teaching and research and are specialized in their chosen fields. They published their research results and papers in journals and conference proceedings.

062.gif (55483 bytes)Teaching Facilities

1.      The Department of English Instruction is now equipped with two language labs, one meetingroom, one classroom,and one English reading café exclusively for English teaching & learning. 

As to general-purpose classrooms, art/design classrooms, computer rooms and sports facilities etc. are to be shared by all departments of the school, according to the school allocation principle. 

2.      Our university is now in the process of constructing three new buildings, the Department of English Instruction have more space available in the future.

062.gif (55483 bytes)Future Development of the Graduates

        The curriculum is designed to cultivate not only primary school teachers but also to prepare students to the career related to English language and culture, English teaching and educational fields. Graduates can engage in publishers of developing English Teaching materials, bilingual curriculum design or bilingual schools management, language translation, information and communication business, travel business, and administrators in diplomacy or foreign affairs. The course also prepare those who want to advance their study overseas or within this country.





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